The Autotrans Group

The Autotrans Group is one of the biggest transport companies in Croatia, owned by international corporation Arriva Deutsche Bahn, consisting of the following companies Autotrans, Autoprometno poduzeće Požega, Autotrans Lika, Autopromet Slunj and Velebit turist Gospić. The wide network of its branches goes from Istria, the Croatian Littoral, Gorski Kotar, the Adriatic islands, Slavonia, Lika, and Dalmatia.

We are also present in the international market through the company Pan Alpen Adria Mannheim, founded in Germany. The Autotrans Group is the only transport system from Croatia included in the international coach organisation Eurolines which transports annually 10 million passengers in 32 countries and more than 700 destinations.

The main activity of the Autotrans Group is to provide public transport for passengers in road transport through its wide network of more than 500 lines in domestic and international transport. In this context, the domestic transport involves daily operating of county and inter-county transport for elementary and high school students, university students, workers, employers, and pensioners, while the distribution of the vehicle fleet throughout Croatia allows Autotrans to organise transfers between the cities and their respective airports. Autotrans business in the international transport is represented by everyday connections between major Croatian cities with the cities in Western and Eastern Europe.

The travel agencies within the System, a-travel and App Požega, organise day trips and multi-day tours both in Croatia and abroad, and ski and summer holidays for domestic passengers. They are also cooperating with foreign travel agencies and tour operators and offer them accommodation in hotels, hostels, apartments and villas, bus transport for transfers, excursions and tours, professional guides, and many other services as a Croatian destination incoming partner.

The repair activity within the Autotrans Group has developed due to the size of the vehicle fleet and primarily for the maintenance of its own vehicles within the System, however when necessary it offers high-quality repairing service to numerous Croatian and foreign bus carriers. The repair centres are located in Rijeka, Poreč, Labin, Korčula, Otočac, Požega, and Slavonski Brod, and repair shops in Novi Vinodolski, Krk, Cres, Gospić, and Brač.

During its 70 years of activity in the market, the Autotrans Group has grown into a business system that employs more than 1000 people, and its buses transport almost 12 million passengers and make 35 million kilometres on Croatian and international roads.

Our values

Passenger satisfaction

Our business in both national and international markets, since its very beginning to the present day, is focused on the satisfaction of our customers with the service we provide. We pay great attention to passengers’ opinions, their suggestions, proposals, as well as to their remarks. They are the ones who help us improve and become better, and their satisfaction and trust are our highest values.

Since a satisfied customer is one of the key criteria of the Group’s business, we strive every day to meet their requirements and fulfil their expectations.


In addition to passengers’ satisfaction, safety is the following criteria that is handled with great care within the System. Regular investments in the modern vehicle fleet consisting of 480 buses, as well as drivers’ trainings and continuous quality improvement are in line with international standards and a guarantee for a safe travel with Autotrans.

Environmental protection

Travelling by bus is an environmentally friendly form of public transport. For example, travelling by bus instead of travelling by plane reduces the emissions of CO2 by approximately 80%. Each bus emits about 20g of CO2 per passenger per kilometre (based on the bus occupancy of 38 passengers). The purchase of vehicles that register low emissions of exhaust gases confirms Autotrans’ awareness and care for sustainable development and responsible behaviour towards the environment.